Change Can Improve a Fundraiser

When you hear the word “fundraising” do you think of the typical chocolate and cookie dough sales? Do you vision lots of paperwork, counting money, and coordinating deliveries? How about the upfront costs or shipping fees? Fundraising isn’t something new to parents. Whether it’s trying to raise money to rebuild the school playground, or needing funds to travel to a tournament, fundraising has always been the way to support the opportunities we want to give our children. So how can you do things differently this year and make it fun to reach your fundraising goal?  

TRY SOMETHING NEW! Offering the same fundraiser every year can get boring for both your group and supporters. Change is good. Here are some ways to try something different. 


Don’t get stuck in a rut with your fundraising program. Avoid being predictable. Selling the same product over and over again can lose it’s effectiveness. Changing the product not only gives your fundraising group something NEW to get exciting about, but your supporters also benefit by purchasing something different! With our variety of unique products, we’ll help make your fundraiser stand out. 


Incentives are great motivation. Ask yourself, do the incentives you’ve offered in the past spark excitement? Incentives can be in the form of a gift card, product, or special event like a popsicle party. You can even consider setting a timeline to boost the competitive spirit. Maybe the child who sells the most in the first week is rewarded, or when the group meets a certain sales goal by a specific date there’s a team prize… Think and have fun!


Fundraisers are often planned around a special event, especially the holidays. Unless the product serves a seasonal purpose, maybe consider running your fundraiser at a different time of the year. Of course, avoid overlapping fundraisers. Focus on when products will sell best, but also think about your supporters and what arrival dates will appeal to them. 


Embracing change with your fundraising efforts is how to continually improve and achieve your goals. Be innovative. Try new things. Think outside the box. Sign up today and start your pasta fundraiser!