Our Story

PIC-NIC-O-LO-GY | noun: the understanding of creating a positive impact with friends, family and food. 


I'm Kristy, mother to Owen and Sadie. My husband Scott and I have always wanted to start a business that focuses on what’s important to us and have found a great opportunity to share our passion with, fun and family! 

Before settling down in the quaint, historical fishing village I grew up in, Scott and I lived abroad and had the opportunity to travel and explore various cultures.  As we travelled, so many of our memories consistently involved observing groups of families and friends gathering for a meal...good food, good company, good times!  We returned home to the West Coast and began to raise our family. These meals now involve little mouths to feed but still continue to be a great source of memories. 

Within our community we also appreciate how important fundraising is to help support the activities that our children enjoy.  Whether it is new uniforms for a sports team, supporting the dance group’s trip to a competition or building a new school playground, fundraising helps turn these dreams into reality and ultimately contributes to creating lasting memories.   

We wanted to provide a fundraising program that marries the concepts of memories from eating and cooking together as well as being a part of a larger community and its activities...this led us to the creating of Picnicology!  Please join us on our journey.

Buon Appetito!