Fundraising Program

Start Fundraising in 2021!

We have closed our fall fundraising program for 2020.  We can't wait to work with you in the new year.  Please sign up below to get on our mailing list and be notified when we open the 2021 Winter Fundraising Season.

Getting started is simple!

  1. Sign Up. Register online and we’ll connect with you. We’ll learn about your group, timeline, and fundraising goal.

  2. Preparation. We’ll send you free samples, order forms, and your group’s unique code for online ordering.

  3. Sell Pasta.  Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks, and take orders via paper forms or online. It's your choice! 

  4. Delivery. Once all forms are submitted & online ordering is closed, your pasta will arrive within 3-4 weeks, or sooner.

  5. Eat & Profit. Buon appetito! Your supporters enjoy fun pasta and you enjoy great profits.


Want to learn more about pasta fundraising?
Get more information here!